A Skink-tacular Success! Skink Fest 2007, held from August 1 to 5 at Spruce Woods Provincial Park, was a great success! Lots of people attended the hikes, campfires and amphitheatre presentations. There was plenty of kids at the beach party and over 50 people participated in the sand sculpture contest.

Everyone who came out to the SkinkFest events knows a little more about skinks and why it is so important to protect these wonderful little lizards.

You can still download the Skink Fest 2007 Schedule (PDF 145 Kb), just to see what you may have missed: Click here!

If you weren't able to make Skink Fest 2007, don't worry, plans are already in the works for Skink Fest 2008. See you next summer!

Skink Safari! On Saturday, August 4, Dr. Pamela Rutherford, from Brandon University, was joined by 42 people for a hike in the Spirit Sands in search of the elusive little lizards. The skinks proved not to be so elusive after all! Pamela and her companions had a herpetological hay-day, as they found 3 skinks, 2 smooth green snakes, and 1 western hognose snake. [Click the thumbnail image for a slide show from Skink Fest 2007. Photos from Dr. Pamela Rutherford.]

For more information contact Spruce Woods Provincial Park Interpreters at: swterp@mts.net

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