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Proposed: Commercial Light Industry and Storage Sites at Star Lake

Letters of Opposition sent to Manitoba Parks

Commercial Light Industry and Storage Sites-South Whiteshell Provincial Park (Star Lake Block 4,5,6) is Unacceptable

Hi Dale

My Name is Paul Gustavson, my parents own a cottage at Block 5 Lot 8 Star lake since 1959 and I purchased a cottage at block 5 lot 25 in the year 2000 and became a permeant resident with my wife and daughter in 2008. I have over 60 years of experience as a cottager at Star Lake.

The site you are proposing to turn into commercial light industry and storage sites at Star Lake is unacceptable to me and my family for the following reasons: It is in my recollection one of the oldest Unofficial walking/biking and hiking trails in the South Whiteshell that can be enjoyed by all Manitobans. It is a flat trail with little terrain variances that makes it a pleasant walk that does not have the dust, traffic and noise that the main road in to block 4,5,6 Star Lake has. In my many years walking the trails I have seen wild life such as deer, foxes, bears, wolfs and many species of birds.

The main road into Star Lake is a busy road already and the maintenance and grading of the road can not keep up with the wash boarding even though it was recently gravelled and now you want to add additional traffic to a poorly maintained road. The access to Block 4,5,6 at Highway 301 is a B1 highway and has a 90% restriction in the spring and is not a ideal highway to put a storage and light industry site on.

The site you are proposing is less than 300 meters from cottages and will become a noise nuance (there may be log spitters running, outboard motors, generators, tractors, back hoes with reverse beepers and other various equipment) for cottagers and for people walking the trails. The area may even be used to store dangerous goods and explosives and in my opinion is to close to the cottage development.

Star lake has been used in the past as a mining area, commercial logging, sand pit, and as a dump on two occasions with cars now showing through the vegetation as well as power transmission lines and a hydro substation , it has had enough abuse of the beautiful forest that has now rejuvenated itself and you want to change this? We also already have two commercial operations on Star Lake University of Manitoba Geology station and Keswick bible camp, we do not need any more commercial development at Star Lake.

I suggest you look at a area around the South Whiteshell transfer station, there is no cottagers there to offend. I would welcome a phone call or even a socially distance in person visit to discuss the proposed site.

Paul Gustavson
Block 5 Lot 25 Star Lake

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