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Proposed: Commercial Light Industry and Storage Sites at Star Lake

Letters of Opposition sent to Manitoba Parks

To: Manitoba’s Premier, Brian Pallister
Cc: Sarah Guillemard, Minister of Conservation and Climate
Cc: Dale Sobkowich, Head of Commercial Policy, Planning and Programing, Parks

Hello from Star Lake MB.

I am sending this note in response to the letter I received about development at the old dump area. I have been fortunate enough to be using this area for about 45 years. I believe the province and parks  should look for an alternate site to develop for the CBB.

The area proposed is very near cabins in blocks 4,5 and 6 and is frequented by many of the parks users for walking, bike riding, berry and mushroom picking and site seeing.  The project would also destroy trees, plants and flora that have taken years to recover from being used as a dump site, sand pit and access for logging. This area is also frequented by many of the forest animals such as fox, bear, wolves and deer as well as the many birds and smaller animal species.

I am also concerned about the access to this area being our block road which already has many users as it is also the access road to the beach, boat launch and day use area.

My idea for alternate sites would be 1- the works yard with the entrance right off Hwy 301 by the recycle bins or 2- the area by the sewage lagoon at Westhawk which also has good access. Both these sites would have very little impact on cabin owners and park users. Please look at how this development would impact our community.

Thank you
Bert Denouden

Block 6, Lot 44

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