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Proposed: Commercial Light Industry and Storage Sites at Star Lake

Letters of Opposition sent to Manitoba Parks

From: Dr. D. Klassen
Sent: Monday, August 31, 2020 8:27 PM
To: ''
Cc: ''
Subject: proposed commercial storage site development at Star Lake


 I/We received a letter from ‘Parks’ today with an invitation for comments/suggestions. We had already heard about the proposed commercial storage development at the old landfill site adjacent to Blocks 4-6, Star Lake and are very concerned for a number of reasons…..

-- when the old landfill site was abandoned some 15 yrs ago, it was to be allowed to return to nature, clearly not what this proposal is about.

--it has indeed returned to nature and is along/adjacent to a very nice hiking trail.  Having had our cottage at Star Lake before and after the landfill was closed, there is no comparison.  We happily take our refuse to the transfer station west of Falcon Lake.

--cottagers hike and bike and pick blueberries along the trail in summer and snowmobilers appear to enjoy the trail in winter.

--the road in to Blocks 4-6 is a very dusty road, often affecting visibility.  Heavy commercial traffic will amplify this problem many-fold.  Also, the road is not in great shape and will only deteriorate with increased heavy traffic.  

--the intersection of the Block 4-6 gravel road with PR 301 is at quite an awkward place (on a curve and up the crest of a hill when coming from the east);  more traffic and big equipment turning there will be dangerous.

There may well be other reasons why this site is note a good choice, but the above should be convincing enough.

 I intend to discuss with my local MLA and intend to email the Premier and Minister of Conservation and Climate, but thought I would go through the outlined channels initially.

Don Klassen, Star Lake

More from Don Klassen, Sept. 7:

Premier Brian Pallister

Sarah Guillemard, Minister of Conservation and Climate

Cameron Friesen, Minister of Health, MLA for Winkler/Morden

 I’m forwarding a letter which I wrote a week ago and sent to Dale Sobkowich, Head of Commercial Policy, Planning and Programing.

The request from Manitoba Parks was to respond by the 18th of September and  I understand that Mr. Sobkowich is on vacation for the first 2 weeks of September, leaving very few days for him and the department to digest the multiple letters of opposition which have been sent regarding the proposal.

 This morning, 3 of my grandsons (aged 8,8 and 10) asked to see the ‘old dump’ (now a very nicely reforested/rehabilitated area from the dump of 15+ years ago).  Their dad, the boys and I cycled over (in less than 5 minutes, which gives you an idea of proximity to the Star Lake cottages)  and the boys were dismayed that anyone would want to develop the area.

 For the sake of the next generation if not for the current ones, please abandon the idea of using this site!

 I’m supportive of cottage based industries having a location in the park for storage, etc  and there were at least 8 alternatives suggested at a large public meeting at Star Lake on Saturday morning (Sept 5).


Don Klassen

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