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Proposed: Commercial Light Industry and Storage Sites at Star Lake

Letters of Opposition sent to Manitoba Parks


To: Dale Sobkowich, Head of Commercial Policy, Planning and Programing, Parks

Cc: Sarah Guillemard, Minister of Conservation and Climate

Cc: Whiteshell Cottagers Association

Dear Dale:

Thank you for the heads up letter with regards to the above noted development.

My whole family wishes to voice our concerns with regards to this initiative for the following reasons:

Commercial light industry and their storage sites should remain in a commercial area not in the middle of a forest. Who knows what will be stored in these sheds and more importantly who will be checking\monitoring them. Think forest fire risk, vandalism, theft etc.

  1. The Star Lake Trail is used each day by many people such as cottagers and day visitors for hiking, biking, walking, berry picking or just for getting one with nature and her piece and quiet that she offers.
  2.  Also the university of Manitoba uses this trail for teaching classes on entomology, geology courses to name a few.
  3. The animals, birds and insects also use the Star Lake Trail as after all it is their natural habitat.

For the life of me I cannot understand why the government would spend millions of dollars to rehabilitate the area at Star Lake and return the area to Mother Nature then look at allowing to have Commercial Business to come in at destroy Mother Nature. No logic here.

As a Star Lake family we understand the particular need for cottage based businesses to have storage facilities but in the middle of a forest that is directly behind existing cottages is completely irrational. Why not locate storage sheds close to the other commercial businesses located in the town site of Falcon Lake? Or possibly locate these commercial sheds by the yards at Hwy 301 1100, or the lagoon area at entrance to Westhawk Lake. I am sure there is plenty of land around those sites that could be developed for commercial purposes with out disturbing the other commercial users of those areas.

In closing we wish to express our opposition to this undertaking at the Star Lake Trail site.

David and Kim Wery

Mike, Candace, Abby and Quinn Wery, Alex, Ally, Greyson and Brooklyn Mitchell

 Star Lake, Block 6 Lot 1

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