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Proposed: Commercial Light Industry and Storage Sites at Star Lake

Letters of Opposition sent to Manitoba Parks

Subject: Against Proposal to Build Commercial Light Industry and Storage Sites at Star Lake

 Dear Government Officials,

 I hope this email finds you well,

 Star Lake cottagers have received a letter from the Province of Manitoba (Manitoba Conservation and Climate) notifying them of a proposed storage site for cottage-based businesses, that will be built 3 minutes away from the nearest cabins at Star Lake and as the crow flies, 1 minute. Here are multiple reasons why I am opposing this proposal:

Firstly, the area which will be bulldozed for construction storage is full of flourishing ecosystems. This area has rejuvenated in the past years and is the main hiking, biking, walking, berry picking, wild life viewing - you name it area, for Star Lake cottagers and visitors. Children and adults roam the area daily to enjoy its beautiful nature. 

Also, not only would this ruin natural life but it is a question of safety as well. They are proposing to place these “ Commercial Light Industry and Storage Sites” near the only road allowing traffic to enter and exit Star Lake... What happens in case of an emergency? If something in storage causes an explosion (therefore causes a forest fire), how would cottagers get out?

With this being said, we understand there is a need for such storage facilities. However, we fail to understand the need of building this project in cottagers back yards.
Please, pretty please, find another area that will not conflict with popular activity trails, flourishing ecosystems, wild life, as well as the cottagers safety. 

 Thanks and have a great day,

 Jens Giesbrecht

Star Lake Resident, Since 1995.

Star Lake, Block 5, Lot 8.


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