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About this website

This website on NatureNorth.com is for all Manitobans to learn about the amphibians and reptiles that also call our province home! It was written and designed to be used by Manitobans of all ages.


This website is an update to the Amphibians of Manitoba website that NatureNorth.com published in 1998 (written and created by Doug Collicutt and Tom Keep). It is made up of text and pictures from that site with information about reptiles added in. Also, it includes some information from the Manitoba Herps Atlas project, published on NatureNorth.com in 2011. Both those projects got some funding from the government of Manitoba through its Sustainable Development Innovations Fund. The new Amphibians and Reptiles of Manitoba was funded by NatureNorth.com alone and prepared by Doug Collicutt.

Photo and Sound Credits

Most of the photos and images in this website belong to NatureNorth.com and were taken and prepared by Doug Colicutt. Wherever the photos or images belonging to other people are found in this site their names are given. Thanks to all that provided photos, images or sounds including: Neil Gushulak, Shauna Hewson, Calvin Knaggs, Henry Martens, William Preston, Barbara Lynn Read and various folks that uploaded their images to Wikimedia Commons.

Ads on this site?

The annoying Google ads located on the left-hand side of these pages are there mainly to let NatureNorth know how the website is being used. They make a little money for NatureNorth, helping us to keep this site online.

The ad for the CancerCare Manitoba Foundation at the bottom of each page is there as a personal thank-you to our health care services. After being treated successfully for two different cancers I (Doug C) thought it was the least I could do to encourage folks to donate to cancer research.