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You can help Manitoba's Amphibians and Reptiles! Here are some ways to help:

Take care of our environment!
Help keep Manitoba's environment clean and healthy for wildlife and us! Don't use pesticides and herbicides. These are especially hard on amphibians with their soft, moist skins. Drive less and reduce pollution in our air and water. Clean up litter to show you care about where YOU live.

Speak out!
Report people hurting any amphibian or reptile or damaging their habitat. Contact your local conservation officer, Manitoba's Wildlife Branch or other agencies like the Humane Society or Wildlife Haven.

In our democracy your vote counts! In every election vote for people that will protect nature and our environment. Tell any candidates you meet that you care about Manitoba's wildlife and you want our environment protected.

Use less, live more!
Do what you can to use less of everything and enjoy life more. Use less fossil fuels. Buy things in recyclable packaging or without packaging. Use public transportation.

Become a citizen scientist!
Join a project that collects information about Manitoba's plants and aniimals. Visit these websites: Go Wild Manitoba | iNaturalist

Donate to Conservation Groups
Give money to groups that help conserve animals and their habitat. One important group is Nature Conservancy Canada. Go to their website: Nature Conservancy Canada.

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