Thanks to everyone that participated in the Manitoba Herps Atlas!


Manitoba Herps Atlas Project - Final Maps


Here are the final maps displaying the location records for each species monitored as part of the Manitoba Herps Atlas. All personal contact information gathered (name of recorder, email, phone number, etc. ) has been removed from the displayed data points. Only the recorders' nicknames have been included, so you can identify your own records.

Each map displays the records for a group of species: Frogs (4 species), Toads (4), Treefrogs (4), Salamanders (4), Snakes (5) and Turtles/Lizards (3). (The MHA database has been archived, but is still available to researchers upon request. Return to the View Data page.)

How to Use these Google Maps

It's best to view each map in its own browser window. Click the "View Larger Map" button (top right corner of each map) to open it in a new browser window. On the left hand side of the enlarged map you can check or uncheck the orange boxes by the species name to view species records separately or all together. You can click on individual records to view the details of each record.




Concluding Remarks

Thanks to everyone that participated in the Manitoba Herps Atlas. Though the website is no longer collecting data, it will remain online as a permanent resource. I encourage anyone still interested in collecting herp records to use the Go Wild app associated with

Visit these links: Go Wild Manitoba | iNaturalist | iNat Manitoba Herps Atlas


Douglas R. Collicutt, Biologist

You can help support the continuing operations of this citizen-science project. Every contribution makes a difference!