How Many Butterflies?

In Manitoba, 155 species of butterflies have been found. Most, about 135 species, are year-round residents. The rest migrate or occasionally stray into the province in the summer.

Where They Live

Some butterfly species can be found all over Manitoba, some just in the south, some only in the north. Each species of butterfly lives where it can find the plants its caterpillars need to eat (its host plants), and where it can survive the climate.

The Painted Lady migrates
to Manitoba each year.

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There are 6 natural regions in Manitoba, called ecozones. Each one has different kinds of plants, so only certain kinds of butterflies can live there.

The plant communities in these ecozones range from open grasslands in the southwest (Prairies) through mixed deciduous and coniferous woodlands (Boreal Plains and Boreal Shield), to coniferous forests in the north (Taiga Shield and Hudson Plains) and finally to arctic tundra in the far north along Hudson Bay (Southern Arctic).

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