Protecting Habitat

To keep butterflies around we need to protect the places where they live, find food and shelter, and raise their young.

People can help conserve butterflies by protecting areas in all Manitoba’s ecozones. Areas protected for other species, such as polar bears or white fringed orchids, protect butterfly habitat, too.

Proper management of logging, mining, agriculture and other human activities is also important for butterfly conservation.

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Endangered Prairie

In the Prairies ecozone, very little natural prairie is left. Most of it has been turned into crop fields. Some prairie butterflies, like Riding’s Satyr, are now very rare, or may even be gone. This species has not been found in Manitoba since 1956.

In 2003, Manitoba’s list of Species at Risk included 4 butterfly species: Riding’s Satyr, Uncas Skipper, Dakota Skipper and Ottoe Skipper. All are prairie species.

International Efforts

Conservation of migratory species, like the Monarch, requires international cooperation. Mexico is working to protect the wintering habitat of Monarchs. Canada and the United States must protect the breeding and migratory habitat of Monarchs.

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