The Dragonflies of Manitoba was written and produced by Doug Collicutt, NatureNorth, with editorial support from Dr. James Duncan, Manitoba Conservation and Marjorie Hughes, Manitoba Dragonfly Survey. Layout, design, image processing, diagrams, videos (except where noted) and animations by Doug Collicutt.

The information presented here was drawn from a wide array of web sites, books and personal contacts; far too many to list here. However, one source was considered to be paramount with respect to the integrity of basic biological information:

Dragonflies: Behavior and Ecology of Odonata, by Philip S. Corbet, Cornell University Press (January 1999).

The Dragonflies of Manitoba was supported by grants from Manitoba's:

Special Conservation Fund
Sustainable Development Innovations Fund


This project would not have been possible without the contributions of images and video from many dragonfly enthusiasts. Only those whose images were used in this web site are listed below, but our thanks go out to all who contributed their images for consideration. In all, more than 2000 images were made available for this project!

Takashi Aoki
Contributed: 2 images, 4 videos. Website: Odonata of Japan

Giff Beaton
Contributed: 9 images. Website: Giff Beaton's Website

Gunter Bechly
Contributed: 4 images. Website: Homepage of Dr. Günter Bechly

Doug Collicutt
Contributed: 83 images, 8 videos. Website:

Ann Cook
Contributed: 4 images. Website: Birds of Manitoba

Glenn Corbiere
Contributed: 12 images. Website: Massachusetts Dragonflies

University of Colorado Museum
Contributed: 1 image. Website: University of Colorado Museum

Sheri DeGagne
Contributed: 2 images.

Jim Duncan
Contributed: 1 image.

Marjorie Hughes
Contributed: 2 images.

Barry Konzelman
Contributed: 10 images and 1 video.

Werner Kraus
Contributed: 2 images. Website: Werner Kraus' Fossil Reconstructions

Boris Krylov
Contributed: 13 images. Website: Macro Photography World

Living Prairie Museum
Contributed: 3 images. Website: Winnipeg's Living Prairie Museum

Mary Lysne
Contributed: 2 images.

David Moskowitz
Contributed: 2 images. Website: Physiological Ecology, Princeton U.

Blair Nikula
Contributed: 14 images. Website: Ode News

Tony Rogers
Contributed: 2 images. Website:

Faye Thiesessen
Contributed: 7 images.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Contributed: 1 image. Website: USDA-Natural Resources Cons. Ser.

Uncredited photos and background images are mainly by Doug Collicutt, but a few are public domain images from the internet. If we have unknowingly used unauthorized images or failed to credit images properly, we apologize. Please inform us of any concerns you may have in this regard: and the Manitoba Dragonfly Survey would like to extend our sincere thanks to all those that made this project possible.

1) Basic Biology

2) Life Cycle

3) Palaeobiology

4) Biodiversity

5) Biogeography

6) Overwintering / Migration

7) Food

8) Sight and Flight

9) Cultural Significance

10) Conservation

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