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Welcome to the Orcas of the
Canadian Arctic website!

2016 Update: Still waiting for the folks from the OCA to provide NatureNorth with updated information.

This website collects all the information relating to killer whales in the Canadian Arctic. We hope that the site and the newsletter (Aarluk News) will encourage communication between researchers and northern communities. We hope that by regularly sharing research progress and results with northerners, the relationship between our two groups can be strengthened and grow.

A key part of our current research is the collection of photos and videos of killer whales to create an identification catalogue. This is a non-invasive way to learn about killer whale numbers and movements. It also allows northerners to participate in ongoing research on a species that could affect the abundance of other marine mammals like beluga, narwhal, or seals.

We have updated the sightings pages to include an online report submission form and a more interactive map that visitors can filter (i.e., only 2011 observations, only Repulse Bay observations) to suit their interests.

Satellite Tags Attached to Killer Whales - 2013

Field researchers, working with Inuit from Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet, NU), have been able to attach 5 satellite tags to killer whales. This information will help understand where killer whales are moving and how they may be affecting the other whales and seals in the high Arctic.

For more, follow this link: 2013 Field Season.

Inukjuak Killer Whale Entrapment, January 2013

Killer WhaleThis winter, an unusual event occurred near Inukjuak, Nunavik (Quebec) when killer whales became entrapped in ice for several days, approximately 30 km northwest of the community.

News travelled fast and many witnesses took amazing photos and videos.

For more on this event, follow this link: Killer Whale Entrapment.

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