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Tiger Salamander

The Salamander Cooperative

By Doug Collicutt  

The Salamander Cooperative is a group of people that want to learn more about the elusive Eastern Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum) (ETS) in Manitoba. Researchers, herp enthusiasts, Manitoba Sustainable Development and are joining forces to promote an effort to find out where this species occurs in Manitoba and to get some idea of the status of its population.

Eastern Tgiger Salamander

For some basic biology of ETS: Click Here, and more information on Manitoba's reptiles and amphibians in general: Click Here.


Download The Salamander Cooperative poster: Click Here (PDF 800 Kb). Feel free to circulate this information and even put up more of the posters. Thanks!


So, if you see this salamander please let us know. You can report a sighting using:

The Manitoba Herps Atlas data entry form (Click Here),

or the Go Wild smartphone app (Click Here),

or send an email to: Email the Salamander Cooperative.


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