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Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park Zoo is a great place to see some of Manitoba's native fauna. NatureNorth is happy to cooperate with the Zoo to help bring you this information about Manitoba critters at the Zoo.

Click on the pictures or links below to download PDF versions of the interpretive signs found throughout the Zoo. There's lots of great information in them. Enjoy them online or print them out and cover your wall with Manitoba's cool critters!


UPDATE: When the various "NatureNorth at the Zoo" articles were first published our Assiniboine Park Zoo was a different place than what it is now. As most of you will know, the Zoo is undergoing a major facelift. Dr. Robert Wrigley, who helped us out with these articles is no longer at the Zoo, having retired to pursue his passions for nature privately. And, sadly, many of the animals that used to make up the Zoo collection are now gone, too. But we decided to leave all the articles intact, good information is still good information. Perhaps we'll even get a chance to continue working with the Zoo to produce more NatureNorth at the New Zoo articles.

Doug Collicutt,

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Check out the Zoo's Amphibians of Manitoba interpretive signs!

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Manitoba Wildlife at the Zoo!

Nearly all of these native North American animals can still be found in the wild in Manitoba. Sadly, some of them, like the burrowing owl, are very rare and some, like pronghorns, no longer occur here.

You'll need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to view the interpretive signs.

American Bison

(730 Kb)

American Elk

(690 Kb)

Arctic Fox

(987 Kb)

Bald Eagle

(390 Kb)

Black Bear

(480 Kb)

Black Bear (White)

(740 Kb)

Black-billed Magpie

(870 Kb)


(800 Kb)

Burrowing Owl

(700 Kb)

Canadian Lynx

(570 Kb)


(560 Kb)

Golden Eagle

(630 Kb)

Great Grey Owl

(800 Kb)

Grizzly Bear

(880 Kb)

Mule Deer

(930 Kb)


(720 Kb)

North American White Pelican

(480 Kb)

North American Porcupine

(890 Kb)

Polar Bear

(780 Kb)


(460 Kb)


(810 Kb)

Sandhill Crane

(850 Kb)

Snowy Owl

(480 Kb)

White-tailed Deer

(810 Kb)

Wild Turkey

(570 Kb)


(770 Kb)

Woodland Caribou

(930 Kb)



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Interpretive Sign Credits

Production of these interpretive signs was a project of the Assiniboine Park Zoo and the Manitoba Zoological Society. Zoo animal photos by Darlene Stack. Text by Dr. Robert Wrigley. Interpretive sign graphic design and production by Trudy Dingwall of LightVisions.


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