Time to bask and relax, but also to enjoy nature's great show. Read up on some of the things summer has to offer.

Watch a butterfly flutter by! Stroll through a tall grass prairie!

Pick berries 'til you're blue in the face!

Look for Freshwater Jellyfish! Go on, get out there!


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Join the MHA

Nocturnal Owl Survey Project
Give a hoot!

Manitoba Owl Calls
Hear a hoot!

Save Our Skinks
Help Manitoba's only lizard.

The Northern Prairie Skink
A cool little critter.

Chimney Swifts
Make a swift recovery!

Canadian Lakes Loon Survey
Help out at the cottage!

Manitoba Herps Atlas

Check out our NEW project!

Jellyfish Freshwater Jellyfish!
A new species for Manitoba?

Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation CentrePrairie Wildlife
Rehabilitation Centre



Giant Hyssop
Good for tea.

Summer Fruits
Berry good stuff.

Manitoba's Tall Grass Prairie
Our nearly vanished heritage.

Wild Flowers of the Tall Grass Prairie
Splendor in the grass.

Manitoba's Mixed Grass Prairie
More praire in trouble.

Poison Ivy
Look, but don't touch.

St. John's Wort
Medicinal invader.

Purple Coneflower
Little Echinacea on the prairie.

Vote for Manitoba's
Prairie Grass Emblem!

Wild Edible Adventures!

You can eat that?!

Restoring Canada's Native Prairies
A practical manual.

Scourge or beauty?

Burn Prairie Burn!
Videos of prescribed burning of prairies.

Wildlife Haven
Wildlife Haven
Rehabilitation Centre

Chasing Nature
Chasing Nature! A new book by Robert E. Wrigley.



Giant Water Bugs

The Monarch Butterfly
From Manitoba to Mexico.

Forest Tent Caterpillars
Creepy, crawly carpet.

Butterfly Gardening
If you grow it, they will come.

Dragonflies of Manitoba
A NatureNorth major feature.

Manitoba Dragonfly Survey
Citizen science in action.

Butterflies of Manitoba
A NatureNorth major feature.

Thatching Ants
A real swarm of activity.

Tiger Beetles
An introduction to the Tiger Beetles of Manitoba.




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