This is no time to hide indoors! Read up on some of the things to do and enjoy outside at this time of year.

Track a rascally rabbit to his lair! Look for frogsicles!

Collect some spruce cones!

Go on, get your boots and mittens on and get out there!

Winter Kill: read about it!


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Ruffed Grouse
A bird named "Ruffie".

How Grouse Saved the World
A New-Age Tale.

Snow Snakes
Have some fun.

Frozen Alive!
Animals that really "chill out" for the winter.

Makin' Tracks
A Quick Guide to some tracks in the snow. 

The Wildlife of Omand's Creek
An inventory of a small urban waterway. 

Hognose Snake Study
An independent biological survey.

Manitoba Cougars!
Mountain lions on the prairies.

The white buffalo at Assiniboine Park Zoo.

Wandering SpiderWandering Spider
A tale of a traveling spider.

Debby the Polar Bear
Famous and loved.

Conservation at the Zoo
Preserving Biodiversity.

Skiing in a Wonderland
Some winter ecology.

Winter Kill
Learning from death.

Baby Turtle Blog
A rescued turtle nest.

Wildlife Haven
Wildlife Haven
Rehabilitation Centre


Black Spruce
My Christmas Tree.

Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation CentrePrairie Wildlife
Rehabilitation Centre


Goldenrod Gall Fly
A cool little larva that freezes solid.

Tracks in the Snow
Fun and learning in the snow.




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