NATURENORTH.COM is happy to help promote activities and events that help people learn about nature in Manitoba.

Finding food in nature is what all our ancestors had to do. There haven't always been grocery stores! Nowadays, few of us have the skills to feed ourselves by hunting and gathering from the wild.

So it's great there are people like Laura who still possess some of these skills and are willing to share them with others. Learning about wild edibles is a great way to reconnect with nature.

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Hungry for a new outdoor experience? Then make the trip to Gardenton, Manitoba for one of Laura's Wild Edible Adventures. Guaranteed to give you a new perspective and appreciation of nature! (Or try some Other Adventures!- see below.)

This full-day, hands-on workshop in identifying, gathering and preparing wild edibles will teach you how to incorporate wild plants into everyday meals, including main courses, beverages and desserts.  No need to wait until the next camping trip - my goal is to give you the confidence you need to practice these skills at home, wherever that may be.

Learn basic plant identification and gathering principles. Prepare a delicious meal from wild edible plants! Incorporate wild edibles into everyday meals, including main dishes, drinks and desserts.

Participants will receive:

"Laura's Guide to Useful Plants".

Adventures start at 9:00 a.m. and run for the whole day. Check the schedule for this year's Adventures at:

Laura’s “You can eat that?!” Wild Edible Adventure

Contact Laura at: (204) 425-3520

Or at her own website:

Prairie Shore Botanicals

Don't have a car?  I will try to hook you up with someone who does.

Class size is limited to 12 participants, so don't wait too long to sign up!

Adventures take place at Gardenton, Manitoba, 1 hour south of Winnipeg. Check out the Google Map below.

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