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A Personal Appeal

MeHi, I'm Doug Collicutt, chief cook and bottle-washer here at NatureNorth. Yes, NatureNorth is pretty much a one-man operation. Perhaps it might be better to call it one man's obsession. I work as an independent biologist and environmental consultant. But what I really love to do, and what I'd love to do full-time, is produce stuff for NatureNorth.

That's where you come in. I know people really like NatureNorth, the site gets over 1000 page views per day! The Google Adsense program helps me keep track of how many people are visiting the site. Yeah, I know the ads can be a little annoying at times, but they cover the costs of keeping the site on-line (just barely).

You can help get more information about nature and wildlife in Manitoba onto the web by supporting NatureNorth. The more money that comes in, the more content that goes up on-line, it's just that simple.

So, here I am, cap in hand, asking for your spare change to help keep NatureNorth growing, getting bigger and better. If you think NatureNorth is worth your support, then please make a donation. Sorry, I can't offer you a tax receipt, NatureNorth isn't a registered charity. What I can offer you is my everlasting thanks, a place of honour in NatureNorth's Hall of Fame, and that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you do something that helps out a fellow human being. And don't forget, you're not just helping me, you're helping Manitobans of all ages, and people around the world, learn about the incredible natural heritage we all share.

Thanks, and bye for now.

Doug Collicutt


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